Eudora History Through the Decades


The following information is from Eudora newspapers and other publications. For a quick look at what happened when, see the Eudora Timeline. If interested in the size of Eudora at various times, see Eudora's Population. The Eudora News also featured the column "Days Gone By", a compilation of news items from past issues continued with the EudoraReporter, an online publication.

Town Growth: 1860-1880

Newspaper, Bridge, and Mineral Springs Resort: 1881-1890

Baseball, Banks, and Republicans: 1891-1900

Flood, Utilities, and Eudora State Bank Robbery: 1901-1909

Electricity, Automobiles, and World War I: 1910-1919

Paved Roads, Pumping Station, and Ku Klux Klan: 1920-1929

Waterworks, WPA, and Highway 10: 1930-1939

Sunflower Ordnance Works, Population Boom, and Housing Solutions: 1940-1949

Tenth Street School, Flood Again, and Centennial Celebration: 1950-1959

Dial Phone System, Victory Theater Fire, and Public Library: 1960-1969

Zoning, Swimming Pool, and Business Park: 1970-1979

Newspaper Returns, Senior Housing, and Winchester Estates: 1980-1989

EudoraFest, Subdivisions, and School Buildings: 1990-1999

Advent of the 21st Century: 2000 and On