White Family

Area Cemeteries


A letter written James Keith Coble, P 0. Box 27, Climax, NC 27233 to the Pioneer Newsletter published by the Douglas County Genealogical Society during the late 1980s told of his relatives buried in Hesper Cemetery, including:

John Milton White, born Oct 19. 1826 and died Nov. 12, 1905, married Mary Catherine ?, born May 9, 1833 and died 1885. He found eight children born to their marriage, probably all born in Chatham County, North Carolina. After Catherine died, he married Martha Lindley, born Jan. 21, 1837 in Chatham County, North Carolina. They didn’t have any children. Martha, the author’s grandfather’s sister, died Nov. 2, 1894 and also was buried in Hesper. Her parents were William Thompson Lindley and Nancy McMath.

John Milton White was the son of William White and Jane Hadley, the daughter of Joshua Hadley II and his third wife, Jane Hinshaw. William and Jane also had Rowlan H. White, born August 12, 1834 and died July 6, 1894. He is buried at Hesper Cemetery with his first wife, Caroline Lindley, one of the 10 children of Owen Thompson Lindley, the son of James Lindley and Eleanor Thompson, and Eleanor Hadley. Rowlan next married Mattie A., who died February 2, 1904 at age 61 and was buried at Hesper Cemetery.

The children of James Lindley, born in 1884 and died in 1852 or 1854 and Eleanor, born in 1779 and died April 17, 1849, were Sarah, Thomas, Jonathan, David, Owen, William, Elizabeth, Nellie, Mary, Susan, and Nancy.