Downtown Main Street


East Main Street Businesses

West Main Street Businesses

East Main StreetEarly business in Eudora clustered along Main Street between Fifth Street and Eighth Street (with several storefronts on Church Street). Shoppers during Eudora’s earliest years strolled under wooden balconies and on wooden sidewalks later paved with bricks in the late 1890s, and, several decades later, concrete.

Piecing together which business was where and when is an ongoing puzzle because addresses weren’t given and also changed. And, like today, often businesses came and went within a couple of months. Another difficulty in pinpointing specific businesses and owners is that buildings came and went; thus, references to businesses that no longer exist present challenges.

Primarily based on newspaper mentions since 1889, the listing of businesses that can be found in the top right corner on either side of Main Street is also based on the manuscript Remembering My First Eudora Days by Frank Page, 1912 and 1927 Sanborn maps, “Main Street Fifty Years Ago” by Mrs. L. K. Robinson in the Eudora newspaper’s 50th anniversary issue, Henrietta Fuller’s 1975 interview published in the local newspaper, Eudora Community Heritage, Fern Long’s 1987 “Eudora Historical Route,” telephone directories, and personal interviews.

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