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Johann "John" Kaegi Sr. and wife Maria "Elizabeth" Metzger were from Lichtensteig, Sankt Gallen Canton, Switzerland. In 1848, they sailed to America with their two young sons, Johann Jr. and Johann "Christoph.” They settled near St. Louis, Missouri, for a short time, then John Sr. bought land in St. Clair County, Illinois, near Mascoutah in 1854. Elizabeth and Christoph died in 1861. John Jr. married Elizabeth Katherine (Nold), born December 8, 1841 in Germany. She had moved to Bellville, Illinois, at age 12, then to Lebanon, Illinois, with her family. With his father, son Henry, and new wife, John Jr. moved to a Johnson County farm in 1864 and to the city of Eudora in 1907. Their home at 412 E. 7th Street is pictured here. To supplement the family income of farming and carpentry, the family had a large fruit orchard and strawberry patch. Of their children, John III (died age one); Henry Daniel; William Ernest; Charles Christian and Albert Phillip (twins); Edward; Katherine; Fred Christian; George W.; Lucille May; Arthur; and Herbert Thomas, all remained in Kansas except Henry Daniel Kaegi who moved to Cave-in-Rock, Illinois, and William who lived in St. Louis, Missouri. Source:; November 12, 1924 will of Elisabeth Kaegi; and obituary of [Elisabeth] Katherine (Nold) Kaegi (October 23, 1923)

Gottlieb Kaiser (born December 3, 1839) married Christine (Klein), born October 6, 1844. They lived three miles from the city of Stuttgart in Wurtemberg, Germany, and left it for the United States in 1880 when Prussian warlords invaded their state. With 16 others, including Christine’s mother, Christiane (Strobel), they came to Eudora in September. They bought a farm four miles south and one half mile west of Eudora. Their children were: Christiana, Charles, Minnie Rose (who married Henry Conrad Thoren), and Christian. Christiana married Gottleib Eisele when she was 17, and he, 53. In her later years, she made rugs and lived at the southeast corner of Tenth Street and Birch Street and could only speak German. Source: Eisele Family and Hornberger Family (March 1, 1977) by Clifford Eisele

Mary, born in Bohemia, came to the United States in 1869. She married Michael Kasberger. Their children were John, Vern, J. H. Smith, Mrs. John (Furst), Mrs. Matt (Simon), Mrs. Charles (Saile), and Mrs. Fred (Carbaugh). Source: Mary Kasberger’s obituary (1927)

Louis Paul Kellerman, born in October 1847 in Lazirk Brachediz in Bohemia Schunberg district, came to Eudora about 1865. He married Catherine Wolf on May 16, 1871. She was born about 1847 in Laugendorf, Lazirk Schiedenhofen, Bohemia, and died in 1880. Their children Frank (born October 20, 1871) and Anna Catherine (born November 26, 1873) were born in Eudora. Son Paul was born December 26, 1875 in Westphelia. Their next child, Mary Catherine, was born December 25, 1877, in Eudora and died young about the same time as her namesake mother. Louis married a Bohemian widow in 1880 from Westphelia who had a child by her first husband also named Kellerman and a relative. The children of this second union were Louis, Theresa, Anna, and Henry. These Kellermans may or may not have been related to John and Catherina Kellerman who came to Eudora about the same time.When Louis died in 1916, his death in St. Joseph, Missouri, was mentioned. Source:

On the former Jacob Dolosi farm in Weaver, John W. Kindred farmed 90 acres. He specialized in potatoes and was general manager of the Kaw Valley Potato Growers’ and Co-operative Dealers’ Association of Weaver. Born in Madison County, Kentucky, on August 10, 1858, Kindred lived in Clay County, Missouri, and Edwardsville, Bonner Springs, Fall Leaf, and Willow Springs, before moving to Weaver in April 1899. A Populist, he married Annie Morgan on December 29, 1881. She died April 16, 1883, leaving a daughter, Edna. On April 2, 1885, he married Eliza B. Magee who was reared in Wyandotte Country and by whom he had Agnes; Nora; Frank; Grace; Lena; Seth; Bryon; Ethel; Ellis Lee; and Leslie (who remained on the farm until his death with wife, Mattie (Catlin), and children, EvaBelle, Alice Marie, and Louie Lee). Source: Genealogy and Biography: Leavenworth , Douglas, and Franklin Counties, (1899), Chicago: Chapman Publishing.

Born November 9, 1851, in Hermann, Missouri, Louis Klein was the son of Christian Klein of Wurtemberg, Germany, one of the first settlers of Hermann, and Johanna Friederika (Bebion), born in Fellbach, Wurtemberg. Her family sailed to New Orleans in 1849, and she is buried in Eudora. Louis married Mary Pinger, born July 6, 1860 in Chicago. She was the Kleinsdaughter of Fredrick Pinger (born May 26, 1837, in Freiburg, Germany) and Mary Petrinella (Kummer), born in Strasburg, Germany, in 1839, who sailed to the United States in a 59-day journey in which she met Frederick. Her mother, Magdalena (Stegal Kummer), married Joseph Wilhelm Vitt. After Frederick and Mary married July 6, 1857, they moved to Eudora about 1862. Besides Mary, the other children of Frederick and Mary Petrinella were: Johnnie (died of brain fever at age 3); Carolina “Lena” (Hoskinson); Louisa (who married Louis Klein); Josephine (died of pneumonia at age three months); Emeline “Emma” (Loveland); George; Elizabeth (Jameson) (who died of a brain tumor at age 22); Rosa (Fitch); Francisca (Fauerbach); Cora (Vaught); and Belle (Fauerbach). Mary Pinger died June 2, 1881, during childbirth of a son who also died. They were buried in the Deay Cemetery. Louis Klein next married her sister, Louisa Pinger, born August 22, 1867. Pictured to the left, their children were: Georgie (died of scarlet fever at age 5), Frances May, Carolina (died at six weeks of age), and John. A wagon maker, Louis Klein moved his family to Paxico, and later to Oklahoma where his stepfather, Gottlob Koch, lived. Source: Genealogy of the Descendants of Christian Frederick and Johanna Friederika (Bebion) Klein of Hermann, Missouri by Margaret Haubold Bolles and Pinger-Kummer Family History.

Karl Gottfried Koehler (1801-1865) born in Drawehn, Kreis Rummelsburg, Pommern, was a farmer. He married Wilhelmina Karoline Ramelow (1824-1858) in Pollnow, Kreis Rummelsburg, Pommern. She was born July 21, 1805, in Sydow, Germany, the daughter of Jurgen Ramelova and Eva Rosine (Malinke). Their children were Karl, Wilhelm, Johanna, and Heinrich August. Heinrich was born May 12, 1835, in Jatzingen, Kreis Rummelsburg, Pommern, and farmed like his father. His wife was Johanna Wilhelmine Fredericke (Lietz), (1851-1934) born in Ploetzig, Kreis Rummelsburg, Pommern, to Wilhelm Ernst Lietz and Erdnuthe Wilhelmine (Malinke). Some of their children — Paul August Frederick, Gustave, Minna, Emma, Franz, William, John Delbert, Ralph, Dorothy, Martha, Bertha, and Friederike — lived in the Eudora and Lawrence area. Source:

The Koerners came from Silesia, Germany. Henry and Mary (Ziegler) Koerner lived across the road from the Delaware Indian Cemetery. With family ties drawn from the Germans and the Delawares, the couple raised seven children, including Arthur; Homer; Carl; Alice; Edmund; and Louis, the youngest, who helped restore the Delaware Cemetery. Mary (Ziegler) Koerner, born January 26, 1873, was over six feet tall who got her height from the Indian side of her family, Louis said. Mary’s father, Logan Ziegler, born in 1825, in St. Joseph, Missouri, was the son of Phillip, a German, and Betsy (Taylor), a full-blooded Delaware Indian. Logan Ziegler married her in 1861, took over the family farm across from the cemetery, and learned the blacksmith trade in Leavenworth. The Zieglers' daughter married the son of August and Christina Koerner. Source: “Indians Buried at Delaware Cemetery, Koerner Recalls Family Ties,” Candy Ruff, Leavenworth Times (October 25, 1988)

In 1882, William Kohler bought 175 acres in Section 28, which was in the Hesper area. He raised grain on 140 acres there. Born in York County, Pennsylvania, March 31, 1831, Kohler farmed in that state and was a foreman in an iron company before coming to Douglas County in 1879. In 1881, he moved to Riley County, for a year, then sold his farm there and returned to Douglas County. He married Miss Hoffman in York County, Pennsylvania, in 1852. They had six children: Elcetta (Willett), Mary A. (Dougherty), John, Andrew, Herman, and Devaux. Source: History of the State of Kansas by William Cutler (1883)

When Louis Kurtz, 87, died the newspaper said he was “one of the most highly respected citizens and early settlers of the community. He lived three miles east of Eudora and attended St. Paul’s Church. His children were Mrs. Sam Strobel, Henry, Charles, Minnie, and Mrs. William (Buchheim). Source: Eudora Weekly News (January 8, 1914)

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