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The History of Eudora, Kansas

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Charles Pilla, Charles Durr, and Charles Pilla Abraham Still and his wife operated a Methodist school and medical clinic from 1851 to 1854 for the Shawnee, who had been given Eudora area land in 1854. The Shawnee sold 10,000 acres in 1857 to the Eudora Homestead Association, a 600-member stockholder group of Germans in Chicago. The Association's "townsiters," including from left, Charles Pilla, Charles Durr, and Charles Lothholz, founded the city of Eudora in 1857.

From a site known by the confluence of the Wakarusa River and the Kansas River, Eudora grew from an overnight stay on trails leading west — to a city of thousands with a front-row view of the bustling traffic between Kansas City and Lawrence.

The City of Eudora Sesquicentennial Anniversary Edition by Cindy Higgins was excerpted from this online publication also written by Higgins. Also see photographs relating to Eudora including residents, schools, bridges, maps, the Eudora Public Library, and cemetery symbolism. For updates on the CPA Picnic, see CPA Memories.

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